Invest in yourself and your future

Invest in setting yourself up for success: engage a Life Coach with specific ADHD expertise. Through our coaching partnership, you will learn how to thrive (not just survive!) with ADHD.

Fees & Payment

  • Coaching fees are payable in advance of our coaching sessions. You may pay monthly via auto-pay, or you may choose one of my prepaid packages (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) to save money on the overall coaching fee.

  • Coaching is typically not covered by most health insurance plans. Most clients are self-funding, while some clients have sponsorship through their employer or a family member.

  • On occasion, pricing may reflect the client’s financial circumstances.

Initial Coaching Consultation

complimentary 30-minute video/phone call

Individual Coaching fees

Monthly payment

three sessions per month: $500

four sessions per month: $600

NB: monthly payments require a 3-month commitment

Prepaid coaching packages

3-months prepaid (saves you $200 vs. monthly)

9 sessions over 3 months: $1300

12 sessions over 3 months: $1600

6-months prepaid (saves you $300 vs. monthly)

18 sessions over 6 months: $2700

24 sessions over 6 months: $3300

12-months prepaid (saves $500 vs. monthly)

36 sessions in one year: $5500

48 sessions in one year: $6700

coaching Fees — Couples

two sessions per month: $500

three sessions per month: $700